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You’re a college football fan if …

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To heck with that Andy Williams Christmas song, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year.” If you’re a college football fan, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. Because … football. College football, to be specific.

(And if you live in this great consumer country known as the United States of America, you’re aware that the start of football means X-mas songs like the one crooned by Mr. Williams are about to take over the airwaves. At least, it will for those of us who still allow our tune to be force fed via Amplitude Modulation or Frequency Modulation.)

Your friends here at TodaysU.com trust that you are a card-carrying, true-to-your-school, foam-finger-waving, Brent-Musburger-loving college football fan. However, if you wish to check yourself, we’ve come up with a test.

If you don’t do well, there will be no “airing of grievances,” but if you light up the scoreboard, consider yourself passing the “feats of strength.” (Disqualify yourself if you Google; NCAA investigators are standing by.)

No coin toss, but let’s kick this thing off.

You can call yourself a college football fan if …

You can name the year of the first Heisman Trophy and who won it: 1935, Jay Berwanger, University of Chicago.

You can name the only player to win the Heisman Trophy twice: Ohio State’s Archie Griffin, 1974 and 1975.

You can name the new coaches at BYU, UTSA, North Texas, Hawaii and Minnesota: Kilani Sitake (BYU), Frank Wilson (UTSA), Seth Littrell (North Texas), Nick Rolovich (Hawaii) and Tracy Claeys (Minnesota).

You can name the teams in the Sun Belt Conference: Appalachian State, Arkansas State, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Idaho, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, New Mexico State, South Alabama, Texas State, Troy.

You know which school’s flag has a tradition of showing up at ESPN’s College GameDay: Washington State.

You know which two schools claim “Death Valley” for their stadium location: Clemson and LSU.

You know which school is located in “Happy Valley”: Penn State.

You know the school, now exclusively known for academics and without a football team, which was once a member of the Big Ten: the University of Chicago.

Which four bowls were the traditional New Year’s Day games: Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton.

Which schools’ live mascots are named Ralphie, Bevo, UGA and Mike: Colorado, Texas, Georgia, LSU.

You can match these traditional rivalries with their trophies:

Trophy                                             Rivalry

Iron Skillet                                      BYU-Utah State
Apple Cup                                       Michigan-Michigan State
Thompson Cup                              SMU-TCU
The Old Wagon Wheel                 Army-Navy
Okefenokee Oar                            Washington-Washington State
Old Oaken Bucket                         Minnesota-Wisconsin
Floyd of Rosedale                         Florida-Georgia
Little Brown Jug                            Indiana-Purdue
Paul Bunyan Trophy                     Minnesota-Michigan
Paul Bunyan’s Axe                         Iowa-Minnesota

You know the original names of the Big Ten’s two divisions: Legends and Leaders.

You can name the teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference’s divisions; bonus points if you know the names of those divisions. Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina State, Syracuse and Wake Forest. Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Virginia Tech. The first seven teams are in the Atlantic Division. The second group is in the Coastal Division.

Your tailgating budget is:

a. $500-$1,000.
b. $1,000-$5,000.
c. $5,000-$10,000.
d. A year’s college tuition for one of your children.

You can correctly identify the timeline that’s led us to the current postseason format: Bowl Coalition (1992), Bowl Alliance (1995), Bowl Championship Series (1998), College Football Playoff (2014).

Rivalry trophy answers

Iron Skillet: SMU-TCU
Apple Cup: Washington-Washington State
The Thompson Cup: Army-Navy
The Old Wagon Wheel: BYU-Utah State
Okefenokee Oar: Florida-Georgia
Old Oaken Bucket: Indiana-Purdue
Floyd of Rosedale: Iowa-Minnesota
Little Brown Jug: Minnesota-Michigan
Paul Bunyan Trophy: Michigan-Michigan State
Paul Bunyan’s Axe: Minnesota-Wisconsin

You’re a college football fan if …

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