October 15, 2015: UCLA Bruins head coach  Jim Mora watches in the 3rd quarter during the game between the Stanford Cardinal and the UCLA Bruins at Stanford Stadium in Stanford, California, USA.  (Photo by John Hefti/Icon Sportswire)
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Pac-12 reprimands Jim Mora for recent comments

John Hefti/Icon Sportswire

UCLA rolled to a 45-24 win over Pac-12 rival Arizona on Saturday, but Bruins coach Jim Mora wasn’t too happy during certain junctures of the game. His voicing of those frustrations during the game and later in a postgame interview resulted in the conference reprimanding him.

Officials penalized UCLA 15 yards due to Mora’s first-quarter dispute with a member of the crew Saturday, but the conference declared Tuesday the officiating crew made the correct call on the play in question.

An Arizona offensive lineman was initially whistled for an ineligible-receiver violation, but officials picked up the flag after ruling Wildcats quarterback Brandon Dawkins was legally throwing the ball away while outside the pocket during the play. That, by NCAA rule, negates the illegal-man-downfield infraction. Offensive pass interference — via blocking downfield before the ball is thrown — becomes wiped out if it’s as the quarterback is throwing the ball away, interestingly.

Mora took exception to the play in the moment, appearing to scream “You don’t know the rules” to the nearby official on the other end of this mostly one-sided debate, and after the game. His penalty gave the Wildcats a first down, but they did not end up scoring on the drive.

This is Mora’s fifth season with the Bruins, who are off to a 3-2 start, with the Arizona triumph helping UCLA rebound from its loss to Stanford. Mora has twice won 10 games at the university — in 2013 and ’14 — before going 8-5 last season. The former Falcons and Seahawks coach isn’t exactly known for his calm demeanor, although a reprimand is about the tamest penalty possible in this case.

Pac-12 reprimands Jim Mora for recent comments
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