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Big Ten, MAC approve replay review for charge/block calls

Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire

Some additional delays could well be coming to Big Ten and Mid-American Conference games this season. For those who are not fans of the NBA’s replay-review system, they might not enjoy what’s going to happen to games in these two conferences.

But the NCAA on Tuesday approved a rule modification that will change the way Big Ten and MAC games are officiated.

In the final two minutes of conference games, these two leagues will allow coaches to appeal charging or blocking fouls for sequences in and around the restricted-area arc. Officials will then review the plays on courtside television monitors.

This is being deemed an experimental rule for the 2016-17 season to help the NCAA gather data on its viability. Non-conference games will not use this wrinkle. Neither will these teams’ NCAA tournament contests.

Coaches can now appeal blocking or charging fouls — if they pertain to whether or not a player was stationed inside the restricted-area arc — in the final two minutes of regulation or an overtime period during conference games. The decision will be based on whether the defender was inside or outside the arc. No-calls cannot be reviewed. An official can also call for an appeal if he determines one of his crew members made an incorrect call on one of these plays.

A failed appeal by a coach will cost his team a timeout, which could make decision-making interesting as timeouts become scarce. A successful appeal would result in the coach keeping the timeout.

This should make these two conferences’ finishes among the most interesting in college basketball as other leagues will likely judge to see if this policy should be implemented for their respective conferences.

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