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Big 12 Conference ultimately chooses not to expand

July 23, 2012: Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby speaks to reporters during the Big 12 Football Media Day at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas.
Tim Warner/ Icon Sportswire

On Monday afternoon, all 10 of the teams that currently comprise the Big 12 Conference met to discuss the possibility of expansion. After weeks of deliberation among over who may or may not make the cut, there was no unanimous decision reached, meaning that the conference voted to stand pat with 10 members for the immediate future.

The phrase, “supermajority,” has been used to describe what consists an overwhelming vote from conference members to accept a particular school into the conference. Three schools widely believed to be under heavy consideration – Houston, Cincinnati and BYU – all missed out on the decision, which apparently never even came to a formal vote.

Despite continued preaching from Commissioner Bob Bowlsby that the conference had to find a way to counter-act the negative connotation not having a conference championship game for football had on the way teams were recognized nationally, the Big 12 has the same issue they have had all along – how to divide up 10 teams into two conferences and make a championship game.

Currently, the Big 12 Champion in football is determined by the best record in the conference over the course of the regular season. This of course leads to ties and other measures that serve as a disadvantage for the schools inside the conference.

To make matters worse for the conference, only Baylor and West Virginia have less than two losses, both are undefeated, and have loaded back-end schedules that would be difficult to win out with. This means that barring utter chaos across the rest of the college football landscape, the Big 12 will once again be shut out of the College Football Playoff.

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