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3-star DE Jonathan Garvin staying home at Miami

(Andrew Ivins, 247Sports)

After the dominance Miami experienced in the early-to-mid 2000s, recruiting in-state for the Hurricanes program has been a simple task. Going even further, Miami has an additional boost of momentum with head coach Mark Richt at the helm, a former quarterback for the program. As a result, players across the Sunshine state are lining up to play at Miami, including three-star defensive lineman Jonathan Garvin.

Coming from Lake Worth High School, Garvin, a 6-foot-4, 222-pound athlete playing strong-side defensive end, committed to Miami over the summer. By that time, Garvin had landed scholarship offers from a slew of top Power Five programs, such as Florida State, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma and Louisville, so he had plenty of time to weigh his future in Miami against other options.

Garvin goes into detail with Today’s U regarding why he opted to commit to the Hurricanes program before Richt and his staff, including defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski, had even coached a game.

“The opportunity and, I hear this from most schools, I’m a one of a kind person,” Garvin said. “I know that my talents are different, so I believe in coach Kuli and he will help you get to the next level, the highest level.”

Although Garvin is in the middle of his senior campaign, a cherished time for many players across the country, the three-star defensive end already has a full-picture vision of what he needs to accomplish to see the field early at Miami.

“First things first, trying to get there early, especially so I can beef up,” Garvin said. “Once I’m beefed up, then its time to play, it’s time to learn and play. There are only three players with me and a defensive tackle down here from my area, so I think he is intending on all of us playing and making an impact.”

Right now, Miami has the No. 13 recruiting class in the country according to 247Sports.com, which is good enough for No. 3 in the ACC. Garvin says he stays in relative contact with the other 18 committed Miami recruits.

“We speak briefly, but not much,” Garvin said. “We keep tabs on each other and know everybody, especially for the defensive line group, that we have to ball. Everyone is doing really well.”

Garvin expects everyone to continue doing well once they step foot on Miami’s campus under the guidance of coach Richt.

“I appreciate what he has done for the program,” he said. “It is totally different from what we have seen. When I began high school, it wasn’t so good. It’s no more cursing each other or something like that. It’s a competitive atmosphere and it’s fun. It really is.”

And Richt does not have to worry about Garvin trying his hand at other schools and checking out how green other pastures may be.

“My recruitment has really been wonderful,” Garvin said. “It’s been going really well. I think right now where I am is where I’m supposed to be, so I’m just staying home.”

On the field this year for Lake Worth, Garvin has already amassed more than 50 tackles, including more than 30 tackles for loss, and five sacks due to the reckless abandon in which he pursues the ball-carrier. Garvin does have an arsenal of pass rush moves, but he primarily relies on his physical size and speed off the snap when moving past a blocker.

“They would say it’s a fast-paced game,” Garvin said. “It looks like I’m just running down people, but there’s more that goes into it. The goal is to get there as fast as possible, and if it looks like I’m not doing anything on film then that’s just how it’s going to look.”

Right now, Garvin looks to be a menacing pass rusher who is determined to leave his mark on Miami in the future.

3-star DE Jonathan Garvin staying home at Miami
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