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Huskers draft day Game 7: Nebraska versus Purdue

Oct. 15, 2016: Nebraska Cornhuskers safety Kieron Williams (26) defends against DUPLICATE***Indiana Hoosiers defensive back Leon Thornton III (81)***Indiana Hoosiers tight end Jordan Fuchs (81) during an NCAA football game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN.(Photo by Merle Laswell/Icon Sportswire)
Merle Laswell/Icon Sportswire

It’s a fun time to be a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The team has a 6-0 record and is sitting at No. 8 in the Associated Press poll. Indiana proved to be a scrappy bunch, but the Huskers overcame a banged up offensive line with some hardcore defense to win the day.

Time to see how my picks worked out.

Running back Terrell Newby – Nebraska’s ground game wasn’t very impressive as a whole, but Newby continues to improve as the season goes along. He tallied 102 yards on 22 carries with a score to top it all off. Easily worth a point.

Quarterback Tommy Armstrong – Unfortunately for me and the Husker offense, Bad Tommy came to play in Bloomington (methinks with a bum ankle). Whatever the reason, a 34 percent completion rating and two picks doesn’t earn me a point.

Wide Receiver Brandon Reilly – Did you see that catch? Okay, you need to see this catch.

Reilly had 60 yards on the day including those beautiful 45. He didn’t reach the end zone, but that marvelous snag is worth a point.

Safety Nate Gerry – Easily one of his best games of the year. While the stat sheet doesn’t completely tell the tale — though it helps with eight tackles (six solo) and two tackles for loss — Gerry did his best to foil the Hoosier offense.

Running back Mikale Wilbon – Dude didn’t even get a carry. I botched.

So far this season, I’ve racked up 16.5 points thanks to 30 picked players.

This week brings some intrigue as Purdue comes to town. The Boilermakers stink. Why would they have an interim coach heading into Lincoln if they were any good? Say what you will, this may be almost as good as another bye week in terms of healing up some hurting Huskers.

With that in mind, to the draft board!

First Round Pick: Safety Kieron Williams – I’m not sure if the Boilermakers are going to want to shake things up at quarterback following Darrell Hazell’s firing, but quite frankly I don’t care. The Purdue passing attack has a 12-11 touchdown-to-interception ratio which means I like the idea of the Blackshirts getting a pick or two.

Second Round Pick: Running back Terrell Newby – Conventional wisdom suggests that in a pushover game like this, you get a guy like Newby a few reps and sit him. However, Devine Ozigbo is a little banged up and even if Newby does only play for let’s say a half, I don’t see Purdue’s 124th-ranked defense stopping him much.

Third Round Pick: Defensive end Ross Dzuris – Yes, it’s the return of the Handlebarred Horror. Remember how I said I like Williams because of the prospect of interceptions? Iowa managed two sacks against Purdue and they have no one who can get into the backfield like Dzuris.

Fourth Round Pick: Wide Receiver Stanley Morgan Stan “The Man” Morgan was involved in Nebraska’s longest play of the season last week, a 72-yard passing touchdown. With Jordan Westerkamp likely on the sideline with tight end Cethan Carter, I can see Morgan getting looked to early and often.

Fifth Round Pick: Wide Receiver Brandon Reilly – I’m not just picking Reilly because of that absolutely sick catch last week. He has the potential to be on the receiving end of some big plays (rimshot), but besides that, he’s awesome on a sweep. I could easily see one or two of those against the Boilermakers.


Running back Mikale Wilbon He was absent last week, but if the Huskers are going to cruise to victory, I can see No. 21 getting some carries.

Running back Tre Bryant – Speaking of a guy who may get some time thanks to starters sipping Gatorade for the remainder of the contest, Bryant has seen limited time like Wilbon. He’s shown major speed in the kick return game and if Purdue’s defense is getting worn down into the fourth quarter, he could have his first score as a Husker.

Cornerback Lamar Jackson – I thought we’d be seeing a lot more of Jackson this year, but credit that to the improvement of guys like Joshua Kalu than No. 1 not being all he’s cracked up to be. He does work on special teams, but I can see him getting the opportunity to clash with Purdue wide receivers on and off.

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